Starting at the age of 5 I had numerous experiences seeing and hearing spirits. My parents told me repeatedly it was just my imagination and ghosts didn't exist, and as much as I wanted to believe them I couldn't.


It wasn't until I reached 8th grade that I was finally able to turn "it" off. Hey, I guess there are some benefits to aging! After that I lived a pretty normal life. I didn't see or hear from another spirit for nearly a decade.


In my mid twenties things took a turn. I was very stressed at my job and was told by numerous people I should try meditation. Haha, oh if they only knew! The first time I successfully quieted my mind I was shocked to see people I didn't know looking at me and acting as if they were trying to tell me something. I couldn't hear anything. This totally weirded me out! Out of fear of reawakening whatever happened to me as a child I immediately stopped meditating. I did NOT want to wake up to spirits in my bedroom again!


A year or two passed before the stress at work again became too much and I again decided to give meditation another try. Oh how quickly one forgets! Again as soon as I quieted my mind I started to see people I didn't know looking at me as if they were trying to say something. Many questions ran through my mind. Who are these people? What did they want? Were they real? Could I be a medium? Am I crazy? Again I stopped meditating.


A couple years later a bunch of weird things suddenly started happening. For example, while living alone I was woken up in the middle of the night to loud knocks on my bedroom door and even once on the headboard of my bed! Realizing I needed to figure this out once and for all I decided to listen to the advice of a friend and gave a mediumship reading for a friend. It did not disappoint. I got deceased loved ones names, personality traits, what they looked like, specific sayings they used to say, how they passed, etc... We were both shocked.


So after a year and over 100 readings I now know death is just a transition and we indeed all carry on. Now, I just want to prove it to you. It's one thing to believe that we all survive death and it's another thing to know it. Let me help you KNOW it. 

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Alan Chapman (aka Shaman Oaks) is not a medical doctor nor does he portray himself as one. He does not diagnose your body, emotions, or prescribe medications. His services do not replace the services of other professionals, such as medical doctors, counselors, psychotherapists, chiropractors, etc.