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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all mediums the same?

Nope! Every mediumship reading is different because every medium is different, and every spirit that comes through is different. Spirits will use many of the memories and experiences that I have had in my life to communicate with you through me. At times, it can be like a puzzle or a game of charades to figure out what a spirit is trying to convey. Every medium receives their information differently from the spirit world and the interpretation of that information is what makes every reading unique.

How will you connect with my loved ones?

My soul blends with the soul of your loved one. In that blending, I feel, see, hear and know things about your loved one’s personality and life that they wish to share. It's also important to know I can't make anyone come through. I only knock on the door. 

What if my loved one did not believe in the afterlife or mediums? Can they still come through?

Most often, yes. But the spirit world can decide whether and when to connect with us. When we die and cross over to the spirit world, we come to see a bigger picture. We understand that the belief system we had in our human life was simply a set of principles by which we lived our lives. In the Greater Reality of the Spirit World, the spirit most often finds that their consciousness has expanded to encompass all possibilities and belief systems while on earth have now been set to the side.

How will I know if my loved one has had enough since their passing to communicate with me in a mediumship reading?

There is no hard rule regarding how much time should elapse before a person in spirit can communicate with loved ones. It’s a very hard concept for us to grasp, but there is no time in the spirit world. What is important for us to know is that those on the other side do not perceive time as we do, so there is no impatience or anxiety over when we’re going to connect with them. For us, though, time makes a significant difference. Grief is something that naturally lowers our vibration, the energy signal we carry into the world. With a lower vibration, it’s more difficult to connect with the spirit world. It’s best, therefore, to wait a few months after a loss before trying to connect with loved ones who have passed. Allowing sufficient time after loss for some healing to occur can make a good connection much more likely. Your energy and positive vibrational field are equally helpful to a strong connection!

What if my loved one could not speak or hear during their life? Can they still come through?

Yes! I have connected with people that had dementia, babies, cats, dogs, etc...  so I know for a fact that the ability to talk is not required for them to communicate. Communication with the Spirit World is done via direct thought forms and feelings. Entire concepts can appear instantly, so knowledge of the English language is not required. However, I can't speak directly to you telepathically, so my mind has to translate what I receive into language so I can effectively communicate it to you.

What if my loved one does not come forward to speak to you?

Most often, when we intend to hear from our loved ones, they will come forward. Sometimes an unexpected soul may come forward first. Because part of my mission is to serve Spirit, I know that there is a reason this happens. Sometimes those in spirit need to apologize to loved ones left behind. Those in spirit are incredibly smart, and they know exactly what you need and whom you need to hear from.

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is using universal source energy or Spirit to help facilitate natural healing in your mind, body, and spirit. 

What is distance energy healing?

It uses the same universal source of energy to facilitate natural healing, but from any distance.

Why should I choose distance energy healing?

Basically so, you don't have to leave the comfort of your home or office. There is no difference in my experiences with energy healing done in person or at a distance.

How does distance energy healing work?

Since energy travels at the speed of light, it is virtually instant in our perception. Most of us have experienced a form of this and not realized it. Have you ever been thinking of someone you know, and the phone rings and it's them? Or you call them, and they say they were thinking about you? That is a very basic form and example of energy. You have a connection to that person already. When they start thinking about you, or you know them, the connection already begins. Basically, that's what happens in a session with me, and I channel healing energy towards you. 

What are some possible benefits of energy healing?

- Improved physical and emotional well-being

- Stress and inflammation reduction

- Pain relief

- Relaxation

- Clear emotional blockages

- Enhanced mental clarity & inner peace

- Unlocking of spiritual gifts

- Speed up recovery from surgery or long-term illness

- Alleviated mood swings, fear, frustration, and anger

Do I need to do anything special during my healing?

No, you don't. I prefer that you are sitting or lying comfortably with your eyes closed, but that's so that you are more aware of the physical sensations as they are happening. 

Will I be able to feel it working?

Most people will notice something, but it's not guaranteed. I prefer people try one of my free healing videos or live streams first before booking a 1:1 with me.

Do I need to believe in it for it to work?

Nope! Belief is not at all required for it to work. It's actually more fun for me if you don't believe in it and then have a strong experience. 

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