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Not having much exposure to mediums in the past, I was very intrigued by Alan's connection with a loved one of mine that had passed. During my reading, his specificity was honestly quite shocking. He was extremely precise with certain information only privy to me and people close to my loved one. I truly felt Alan's gift brought answers to questions that I was unable to ask before my loved one passed and therefore helped me gain the closure I desperately needed. I currently and will continue to highly recommend Alan to people looking for that connection with that someone special that has crossed over. 


- Audrena R., Los Angeles, CA

Alan is a very talented medium. He's read for me several times and continues to amaze me with his specificity. He's brought a lot of clarity and peace of mind to my life and I'm very grateful. He's also super warm and lovely to be around, which makes some of the more emotional topics much easier to digest. I can't recommend him enough!

- Jessica C., Los Angeles, CA

Alan has a gift and it showed when he did a reading for me. He had information about a loved one that passed that he couldn't have possibly known. I was blown away by his gift. I highly recommend taking the time to let Alan read you. I'm looking forward to my next reading with him.

- Matthew H. Myrtle Beach, SC

I had a wonderful reading today with Alan. He had a great connection with everyone I inquired about. He was able to confirm everything. He was great at being able how to tell the exact way that my loved ones had transitioned. This was one of the best readings that I have ever received and as a person that has purchased a few.... He was truly gifted. Thank you!

- Joy

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