I injured my neck in yoga class and ended up with nerve pain that lasted for months. Nothing was working. I’d tried painkillers, physical therapy, acupuncture, and while some of it helped a little, but the pain persisted. I decided to book energy healing with Alan Chapman (Shaman Oaks). Somewhat skeptical of energy healing, I wasn’t sure it would do anything but I was desperate to get back to normal. It was my first time experiencing such an incredible form of healing. Much to my astonishment, my limbs were twitching involuntarily with his distance healing. I felt warm sensations and was so relaxed and rejuvenated afterwards. Later that evening, my nerve pain improved. About a week later it was completely gone. I was back to normal and wanted to cry. I am so incredibly grateful for this profound and life-changing experience with Alan. It is really something you might not believe until you experience it yourself. Thank you Alan!

- E.K. Los Angeles, CA

I saw "How I Found Out I Was an Energy Healer" Parts 1 and 2 shortly after they came out on YouTube. I had never seen or heard of Shaman Oaks before. I immediately had a sense of, "That's my guy- I think he can help me."  I had been suffering with many minor ailments, but put them all together, and I was basically in pain in one place or another all day, every day. My first session with Alan was amazing. I could see flashing lights, colors, patterns, and feel lots of energy flowing around my body. I was hooked! I immediately made more appointments for myself, as well as my husband, kids and even my dog. We have all become new people. I am rarely in pain anymore, and if I am, it's for a very short time. I am much calmer than I have ever been. Things don't upset me much anymore. 


My husband was extremely depressed for seven years. After his first texting appointment with Alan, he was a whole new person. Every single day I see him improving. He made a lot of big decisions right away after his first treatment that he had been putting off for 15 YEARS!! He had a major breakthrough! He used to take three hour naps every day and watch TV for hours every day. Now he gets up early and gets going. He rarely watches TV or takes naps anymore. It's like the clock has gone back 20 years to when he was a happier and healthier person. I felt like he went from hopeless and unreachable to someone who wants to participate in life. I keep thinking that it's like he was in a very deep hole and could not get out, and every session with Alan is like a brick under his feet that gets him higher and higher up- and he can see the light now. I feel like it is a complete miracle for our whole family. 


My dog is 13 years old. He got a very bad case of food poisoning from his dog food. Alan really helped him pull out of his misery. We didn't figure out what was wrong right away, but Alan helped him stay alive until we solved the riddle and then could treat him. He's not only 100% better, he's actually better than he's been in years. He runs around the yard and plays with our younger dog, and is really loving life again.


Alan has given our family an extremely valuable and precious gift- hope. I feel like we are all in a totally different place than a couple of months ago, and things are only getting better. I would highly recommend Alan to anyone and everyone- and I tell people every day that they need to call him as soon as possible! 

- Marie, Honolulu, HI

Alan has a gift of healing that should be shared with the world. His ability to send you healing remotely in nothing short of amazing. I had a shoulder pain that he was able to immediately send healing to and allowed my shoulder mobility that I hadn’t been able to do earlier in the week. My young daughter was in a lot of pain and unable to sleep after her tonsillectomy. Alan sent my daughter healing energy and I watched her immediately fall asleep within minutes of receiving Alan’s text that the healing was startling. Alan’s healing ability is truly a gift that works directly with the Divine and should be shared with everyone. Alan is my first choice when a healing modality is needed for myself or friends.

- Britta Grubin, Los Angeles, CA

I came across Alan / ShamanOaks on Youtube in search of spiritual development. I was immediately drawn to Alans kindness and humble characteristics that I was drawn to from watching his videos. I decided to book my first appointment for energy healing. I have never done this with a “live” person before, I usually go to books. Alan would be my first. Alan not

only went over the time allotment, but also made sure to spend time with me before, to find out what my specific needs were and again after to answer questions. Alan is not there just for himself, he cares about his clients. Not once have I been cut me off after an appointment or did he ask for extra money for spending more time with me. From the very first appointment with Alan my Clairs have vastly improved and I’ve even discovered more gifts. If your looking for an

energy healer, you’ve made the right choice coming to Alan.

- Cindy, Racine, WI

If I told myself 3 months ago that I would be working with an energy healer, I would wonder what kind of things that I have been smoking!  I have recently just gone through something that left me feeling completely shattered and stuck.  I felt like a shell of myself.  I am a pretty upbeat person but I found myself struggling everyday.  I knew I needed something, but I didn't know what at that point.


I don't even remember how I found Alan's YouTube channel. I was searching for cute doggo videos because who doesn't love puppers?!  Then I went from one recommended video to the next until I found Alan's videos on "How I Found Out I Was an Energy Healer."  I just really remember being drawn to how genuine Alan is and I really wanted to feel what he felt.  Then I saw that I could book a healing session with him online - done!


Will this work for me?  What will it feel like?  Will I feel anything?  Will he be able to send the healing energy to me?  (I have a fairly common name where even my own family has a hard time finding me on Facebook!) Alan texted me right at the start of our appointment time and let me know what I could expect.  He asked me what I wanted to work on - I just wanted to stop feeling so stuck.  Then the session began.  I remember trying to not be in my own head so much - it was so hard!  I felt this incredible pulsating sensation of energy coming in through my left hand.  I also felt an incredible calm as soon as Alan started.  I also felt this icy hot swirling sensation on my belly.  I keep using the word incredible, but there really isn't any other word to describe it.  When the session was finished, Alan explained everything that I might experience afterwards and made it clear that I could contact him if I had any questions.  I was super elated.  I felt like I was floating above the clouds!


Something definitely happened to me during that first session with Alan.  Afterwards, I felt nauseous in my heart area and throat and had this sharp pain at the top of my head.  I texted him with my symptoms and he replied rather promptly.  He told me that my body was trying to move and release energy - most likely my crown chakra was opening and heart chakra clearing.  The symptoms cleared up over the next few days.  I knew I had to keep working with Alan.


I've had a few more sessions with Alan since then.  Each time my experience is different.  Once it was more subtle, but the physical results were longer lasting - I felt the icy hot swirly sensations all over my body.  It's an interesting feeling.  I've shared my experiences with Alan with a few close colleagues of mine.  As I describe my experience, I always think to myself - omg, I sound like a crazy person - but these people have known me long enough to know that I am anything but!  I am so happy that I was led to find Alan and he has this amazing gift that he shares with the world.  Alan is not only gifted with this amazing ability, but he is incredible genuine and sincere.  He is so easy to talk to and always takes the time to check in to see how everything's been going, how the session went, etc.  I'm so happy that the universe led me to Alan and that I took the plunge to book my first session with him.

- Tanya Chan, Parsippany, NJ

This is a testimonial for Shaman Oaks (Alan Chapman). I discovered Shaman Oaks on Youtube while going along my own spiritual journey. I’ve always been drawn to studying that of metaphysical and spiritual nature, especially physical and spiritual healing. Watching his videos on Youtube I felt completely comfortable with his energy. He felt very down to earth and genuine to me. I liked that he shared in his videos where he was at in his own spiritual journey and process. It felt like he is awakening right along side his viewers, almost documenting his own process while teaching others through it. 


Then, one day recently I found myself in a bit of a health scare which required two biopsies of my breast tissue and lymph. I had already experienced one of Shaman Oaks’ free energy healing sample videos on Youtube before the health scare, so I felt like I was led to him as a practitioner that I would be comfortable calling on to be part of my healing process. I also prayed, meditated, and enlisted the help and prayers of a few close friends who do energy work as well to help in whatever way they could and help me hold a vision of myself in complete and perfect health. I booked two healing sessions with Shaman Oaks (2 days before and the morning of the scheduled biopsies). The actual healing sessions I felt extremely relaxed which normally I am not a very relaxed person. Physically, I felt a cold tingling presence from about my neck down past my chest, almost like chilly swirling energy, mostly concentrated on my chest and upper arms. After each session I felt much inner peace and a calm come over my mind, which was really odd considering the kind of health challenge I was facing. Overall, his healing sessions helped me tremendously and helped keep my mind as still and calm as possible throughout the entire situation. When the pathology report came back the biopsies were benign meaning no cancer and no pre-cancer. Additionally, the imaging from the first day to the biopsy day were so different that the doctors are now insisting on an mri and a genetic test to completely clear me and plan my future preventative imaging. The lump in my breast is still physically felt, however the images are now very different and the pathology report is clean. I plan to continue to welcome and give thanks for all healing energy that is of highest light that has worked on my behalf and gifted me this healing miracle. I am forever grateful! I highly recommend Shaman Oaks and wish him the very best in his own spiritual journey and his healing energy practice. Thank you so much.

Amanda Story, Winston-Salem, NC 

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Alan Chapman (aka Shaman Oaks) is not a medical doctor nor does he portray himself as one. He does not diagnose your body, emotions, or prescribe medications. His services do not replace the services of other professionals, such as medical doctors, counselors, psychotherapists, chiropractors, etc.